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Why belgian fresh products?

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Belgium offers a wide range of fresh produce if you wish to buy top quality. The favourable climate, fertile soil, the craftsmanship of the growers and ultramodern systems for production, sale and quality control undoubtedly have something to do with this. Add the suppliers’ personal service and its central location, easy to access, and it’s clear why Belgian fresh produce is loved the world over.


Produced with passion

Belgian specialists grow and produce the very best and do it with great passion for their profession. The production and trading companies are often based on family traditions, guaranteeing experience and craftsmanship. There’s no charge for the extra commitment and flexibility. Naturally, the Belgian companies also react to the strong concentration on the demand side. Cooperatives and other joint ventures guarantee that the offer can be perfectly geared to the market’s demand, without the personal service offered suffering as a result. On www.freshfrombelgium.com VLAM will be happy to introduce you to the rich diversity and unbelievable quality of food and green produce grown in Flanders, whether you want to buy Belgian Conference pears, top-quality fresh vegetables, a specific cut of pork, uniform tree nursery products or a wide range of Belgian dairy specialities or meat products.

Customised is standard in Belgian fresh produce

Looking for a different product, customised for your department, with your own label or are you looking for the answer to your client’s specific question? Then contact your Belgian supplier. He will be happy to think along with you to find a customised solution for what you need. Because a Belgian entrepreneur has customised products, service and flexibility in his blood. Naturally, you can also find a wide range of basic products, in various different packaging, sortings and finishes in Belgium.

Belgian fresh produce: quality and traceability guaranteed

Belgian products are world class. The professional know-how of our agro-food sector guarantees excellent quality. Various product groups have organised their own quality system with strict specifications on top of the statutory system. For example, Flandria vegetables, Certus pork, Belbeef beef or products with the European organic label. In addition, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (www.favv.be) inspects the entire chain. Thus, as a client you are certain of the quality and in addition there is far-reaching traceability. Because you can trace the origin of Belgian products perfectly, from the producer to the consumer, including all the links in between in the chain such as exporters and wholesalers.

Smooth transport of Belgian fresh produce

Belgium has a central location in Europe and so a Belgian supplier can quickly supply a market. Naturally, this is a major advantage for fresh food & ornamental products. Thanks to a dense transport network of motorways, seaports and airports, Belgian fresh produce can reach any corner of the world very efficiently, whether it concerns fresh fruit & vegetables, potatoes, pork, poultry, dairy, horticultural products or our world-renowned Belgian fries.

Belgian production invests in sustainability

With Belgian produce you are certain of top-quality products, that furthermore are produced in a sustainable way. Every year, Belgian companies after all invest in new initiatives with regard to green energy, water consumption, waste management and taking care of their employees. In this way, the Belgian companies react to changes in society’s consumption, where environmental awareness and sustainability are penetrating increasingly deeply. Consumers nowadays are self-aware and have ever more demands with regard to food. Freshness, flavour and quality are the three most important purchase criteria for fresh produce for a Belgian consumer. Research shows that he also attaches great value to animal welfare, the environment, fair trade and working conditions.