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The Flemish producers and suppliers remain ready to provide you with sufficient fresh products. Even now. Together we can continue to guarantee global delivery. #Togetheragainstcorona
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The share of Belgian export of agro-food produce that goes to the neighbouring countries of France, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom is 63%. The entire EU-28 represents in 2019 83% of Belgian export. The remaining 17% is destined for third countries. China, the United States and Russia are the top three export destinations outside Europe.

40 billion euros
total export value

That is the total export value of Belgian agri-food and ornamental plant products. The most popular Belgian products abroad are dairy produce, potatoes, fruit & vegetables; beef & pork and horticultural products.

surface for agriculture

In Flanders, almost half of the surface area is occupied by agriculture and horticulture.
Forage crops took up more than half of the agricultural area in 2019. Arable farming accounts for 34% and horticulture for 9% of the arable area.


Belgium offers a wide range of fresh produce if you wish to buy top quality. The favourable climate, fertile soil, the craftsmanship of the growers and ultramodern systems for production, sale and quality control undoubtedly have something to do with this. Add the suppliers’ personal service and its central location, easy to access, and it’s clear why Belgian fresh produce is loved the world over.

Why Belgian fresh products?
Belgian poultry

On Freshfrombelgium.com, VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, wants to put Belgian suppliers of fresh produce in touch with foreign importers. To this end we above all use a product-oriented approach, using a whole range of specialised product websites that fall under the umbrella of freshfrombelgium.com, such as for example belgianmeat.com, belgianplants.com, belgianfruitsandvegetables.com, belgianpotatoes.com, belgianpoultry.com and belgiandairy.com.

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