Address: Rue de L'Europe 34
Postal code: 7600
City: Peruwelz
Telephone no.(s): +32 (0) 69 362 940
Fax: +32 (0) 69 362 941
E-mail address (general): info@ecofrost.be

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About this company


The Belgian potato in all his forms

Ecofrost Inc. is a young Belgian company located in Peruwelz. We are specialised in frozen potato products, mainly frozen chips.

Ecofrost offers quality products at competitive prices considering the ever-changing consumer demand patterns of the final customers. To this end, Ecofrost committed to strive to be profitable so that further investment in the future can be guaranteed.

Our products are sold through retailers in hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carries, stores, distribution platforms...

Ecofrost also focuses on customers in the food service, such as restaurants, take-away,hotels, schools, fast food, hospitals...

We offer also  our products in bulk, these can be used in prepared meals or repacked to resell.

The full range can be offered in your label. Smaller volumes can be offered in our own brand.

We deliver products to more than 110 countries world-wide. Our R&D department is always ready to try and fulfill the needs of the international clientele.

Company information

Company number: 0475512410
Number of employees: 90
Certificates: HACCP, International Food Standard (IFS), British Retail Consortium (BRC), Good Manufacturing / Managing Practice (GMP), Gids Autocontrole G014 (G014), AEO
Legal form: Public limited company

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