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About the Belgian horticulture

Belgian ornamental plant cultivation, around 90% of which takes place in Flanders, is renowned for its variety, tradition, craftsmanship and quality. For more than a decade, tree cultivation has been the most important subsector, with international reach. Flemish indoor plants also boast an enviable market position. Belgium is among the most important European exporters of ornamental plant products. Its showpieces have always been the azalea and the pot chrysanthemum.

Flemish horticulture in numbers

Flemish ornamental plant cultivation, with some 1.600 growers, has a production value of 550 million euros, with 6.500 ha of cultivated land, of which 524 ha is under glass.

Belgium’ annual export of flowers and plants is worth around 540 million euros, and the region has also an important trading role, due to its central position in Europe. France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are the main partners.

Belgium has over 860 full-time tree-nursery professionals spread over 5.200 ha land which is primarily located in Flanders. The sector is booming: in ten years’ time, its production value has increased by 20% to almost 330 million euros. This represents 60% of Belgium’s total horticultural production value.

Source: Eurostat + VLAM calculations

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